Feng Shui Tips & Rituals For Abundance

Dec 26, 2012 | Simplicity

Here are some simple key Feng Shui tips and rituals to help bring abundance and alignment into your life:

  1. Clean up. Powerful manifesting energies don’t like dirt, clutter or broken things.
  2. Make space. You can’t pick up something new in your life if you don’t put down what you are holding onto.
  3. Make space FOR something. Don’t just get rid of things. Focus on what you want to bring into your life which will help make you (and your space) more magnetic.
  4. Cure Your Drains. We want the waste to leave, but the LIFE FORCE ENERGY to stick around. Since drains draw energy down, you can place things around drains to do one of two things…
  5. Stop the DOWNWARD pull of energy. Close your toilet seats. Cover your drains with river rocks, flower petals or rubber drain covers. You can also paint your pipes red (or use red duct tape) to stop the energy from flowing out. OR…
  6. Direct the energy UPWARDS. Place things that drawn your attention upwards, like artwork, lights or plants up high in rooms with drains. You can also hang an esoteric cure like a crystal or chimes. 
  7. Place your furniture into positions of power. Think about where the godfather would sit in a restaurant. The areas you spend the most time (sleeping, working, sitting) should be empowered. Up against a wall, so you can see the room with no window or door behind you.
  8. Locate the money corner of the room you are in. You find this by standing in the doorway (or entryway) and then look to the back left corner. This area should have symbols of wealth (plants, jars of coins, expensive artwork, abundance colours.) You can also do this on the far left corner of your apartment, home, office or property.
  9. Get clear about what abundance means to you! To some people, it could be getting free tickets to a show, concert or game. To others it could mean a christmas bonus. For others it could be being surrounded by community and celebrating through food and drink. Abundance can be a way of life. It is a flow of energy, much more than simply the dollars in our bank accounts.
  10. Align with energy from the inside out. Apply these principles to your INNER HOUSE. Clean up your mind…from worry, resentment and guilt. Make space, it’s hard to hear God when your mind is racing. Make space for a particular purpose (in this case, what would the abundance allow you to do or be in the world?) Stop allowing your energy to be drained away from you by frivolous activity, energy suckers, or self inflicted misery. Don’t let your vibration be sucked down. Stay positive. Keep the eyes of your mind UPWARD. If you fall down, get up. Put yourself into a position of empowerment (instead of focusing on what you cannot control, meditate on what you CAN DO about your situation.) Locate the part of your SELF that feels abundant and foster that with care. Clarify your mind and your goal. 

Want to learn more about Feng Shui? Listen to my podcast interview “Feng Shui Mastery” with expert, Patricia Lohan, right here.

And, don’t forget the ‘magic’ words: THANK YOU. Nothing brings abundance faster than gratitude.

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