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The HEAD & HEART of Yoga

Discover hidden actions and insight within the two major therapeutic inversions of the postural Yoga system – Headstand and Shoulderstand. Experience key subtle preparations, prop usage, and fearless flight. Learn in an exceptionally safe manner. Take away key understandings so you can mindfully refine and progress deeper into your self practice.

No matter your level of experience.

105 minutes of video content included.

Lifetime access.


An online pranayama course, created for the beginner in mind. But also useful for the yoga teacher to revisit the basics and get confident in teaching others.

Accessible for all levels, and perfect for beginners, this is a foundation to regulate the nervous system, reduce or manage stress and anxiety, plus improve sleep & your emotional capacity.

Lifetime access.

Heart Kriya Meditation

An 18 minute guided audio, taking you into the light of the spiritual heart, Vishok Jyotir.

Begin with some simple, but potent and relevant pranayama, then cultivate prana within the heart to uncover your luminosity.

SHIVA: The Original Yogi online masterclass

This 65 min foundational class will introduce you to who Shiva is, his most common adornments and their symbolism, potent mantras, an Indian cultural context for Shiva, insight into how he is woven into our yoga practice, how we can honour him in daily life, and much more.

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

The perfect tool for self-regulation.

Like you, I craved more depth and richness from this path. I wanted to always feel a great sense of dignity and integrity when sharing the wisdom of yoga with the community.

The traditional method of learning – Guru Shisha Parampara – is rare and difficult to have access to in our modern life. It can be a massive weight figuring out which way to turn and who to trust.

This special and unique mentorship program is an opportunity for you to receive direct support, guidance, and advice. The mentorship program offers one-on-one personalised coaching, to help you transition more smoothly into this life’s work.

Bliss Body Meditation Series

The perfect tool for self-regulation.

This audio guided meditation series will give you a tangible experience of Yoga philosophy whilst  further evolving your meditation practice.

Vedanta philosophy teaches us of the five sheaths of the ‘body’, like lampshades covering the light within us. This meditation series is an essential and educational tool to uncover and harmonise these layers so that you can gain insight and access to the truest state of Self. Even just a glimpse is enough to spark a deeper and more devotional path.

Transform your experience of meditation. Sink effortlessly into focused, easeful concentration, so you can begin to reconnect to the state of blissful absorption with the Self.

Traditional Hatha Yoga Trilogy

If  you’re craving more depth out of your practice – even to the degree that you’ve considered doing a teacher training – this traditional Hatha yoga trilogy is for you.

True Hatha yoga is based on the principle applications of the five Vayus and Lunar, Solar, and Fire practices – both of which integrate asana, pranayama, and kriya meditation.

This course offers an entry level introduction to this approach, giving you greater insight and richness to your path.

hatha yoga trilogy online
traditional hatha yoga trilogy
yoga for the doshas ayurveda

Yoga for the Doshas

The perfect tool for self-regulation.

This online series of yoga sequences specifically applies Ayurvedic understanding to our approach to postures and pranayama. No matter your constitution, these sequences have timeless relevance - the elements and doshas govern different times of the day and of the year.

Public Classes

Having taught public, private, and corporate yoga classes in Newcastle, NSW, Australia for over a decade, I’m now teaching in Canberra, ACT and additionally offering online studies.

You would have previously found me teaching yoga classes and/or workshops at the following studio spaces in the Hunter region: Twine Yoga Studio, Verve For Life, Yoga Loft, Hot Power Yoga (now Yoga Body Works), Newcastle Yoga Space, Genesis, Yoga For All, and Balance Newcastle.


Home Practice Program

This offering consists of 3 one-on-one sessions to help you curate your self-practice vision.

On the surface, it’s about activating your unique, personalised home yoga practice; structuring an efficient daily rhythm.

But really, it’s about transforming your life – balancing and purifying your inner world, whilst creating alignment with your outer world.


Contact Amy for more information and to book.

This is the approach to a sustainable, healing, harmonious home practice.

The program is for you if:

  • You desire a practice you can easily do in the privacy of home
  • You need a practice to support specific injury, illness, or any personal condition
  • You’re tired of busy, overcrowded group classes
  • You would like more personalised attention to improve
  • You’re curious about the other aspects of Yoga
  • You’re struggling to stay in sync with your health
  • You’re committed to creating long-lasting and deep-rooted growth
  • You want to maintain a strong connection to tradition
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