Reconnecting you with what’s really important. Honouring timeless wisdom, within a modern context.

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It is likely you have felt disenchanted on your path.

Is chaos of the world – more polarising by the minute – leaving you feeling lost or overwhelmed?

Consider this virtual abode a rich tapestry of threads through which you can deepen your practices and reconnect to what’s really important.

Cultivating an inner texture of steadiness will weave you back to that innate, simple, and sustainable state of living in alignment.

Tap into Tradition

via Yoga online or Teacher Mentorship

Artful Ayurveda

Amy Landry
When I started learning from Amy, she had an authenticity and vulnerability about her. Amy’s vast knowledge of yoga - as a way of life - introduced me to wholistic practices, planting a seed of wanting to know more. Amy is generous in sharing her knowledge, with a true intention of making the world a better place. She walks her talk. I am so grateful for having Amy as a gracious teacher in my life. Because of her I now have so many tools (asana, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda) to ground myself and keep my heart open for others, as well as myself. Such a gift! She is an inspiration to me to keep growing.
Amy Landry
What a privilege to be taught by Amy. A genuine yogini, she has taken her personal practice to such a high level and is very generous is sharing her knowledge and experience. I was practicing yoga long before I met Amy and she has taken my practice into the spiritual realm and taught me to love my body and each moment. Amy brings so much intent and awareness to her classes - I always walk away feeling lighter, calmer, and more conscious.
Amy Landry
Amy is a truly inspiring teacher who weaves both her rich knowledge and passion into each of her classes. She is clearly devoted to staying true to the traditional practices and principles of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Indian Arts. Amy deeply cares to offer the insight we all need to live a wholesome life.
Amy Landry
How lucky was I to find Amy. Her teaching style, knowledge, and gentle corrections have taught me to really quiet my mind. Her classes have given me the ability to carry the calm through my days and into the stresses life can inevitably bring. I would highly recommend anyone further their knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga with Amy as their guide.
Amy Landry
Amy’s depth and breadth of knowledge is incredible. Her classes have ignited in me a deeper craving to learn more. Her knowledge and suggestions I value immensely, which she gives it freely and without expectation. Amy is clearly passionate about tradition and keeping it alive. She’s is one of the most generous people I know.

Satyam. Shivam. Sundaram.

सत्यम शिवम सुंदरम

A path moving toward truth, consciousness, and beauty.

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