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Amy Landry Living In Alignment Podcast

Through a collage of conversations, here we distill mindful living and timeless wisdom within a modern everyday context.

Experience rich and insightful dialogue with a wide variety of guests as we explore the melodies and mechanics of life. Here, we nurture and value the delicate relationship with seasonal rhythm, our outer environment, and also delve into the unlimited reservoir of quietude and neutrality within.

We venture into concepts around mindfulness, meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, breath work, movement, mantra, harmonious seasonal living, motherhood, mindset, and what it looks like to lead a life living in alignment. With sincerity, curiosity, and studentship, we navigate that which makes us come alive.


LOVE for the podcast:

Every episode I’ve listened to has been full of depth, wisdom and little golden nuggets.
I love Amy’s calm way of conducting these conversations—compared to so many others out there, her voice makes the podcast extremely soothing to listen to. Love it for bedtime.
Recommend it to all of you seriously interested in Yoga, Ayurveda and spirituality.

— Kat Hecht (Germany)

LOVE for the podcast:

I always look forward to Amy’s podcasts & excitedly jump on to listen to new episodes as soon as I can after they drop. The conversations are always informative & inspiring with well studied guests imparting their knowledge with authenticity & grace. This is a podcast series that provides genuine intent for the listener to improve their own lives & those around them. Love it!

— Susie R (Australia)

LOVE for the Podcast

Amy Landry
“Grateful” - My world changed for the better when I found Amy. She is a remarkable teacher and on the podcast she brings honest conversations around topics relevant to everyone!
Amy Landry
“Favourite Podcast” - This podcast covers a wonderful range of topics, I have learnt so much from Amy and her guests. Every episode offers something new and intriguing!
Amy Landry
“Inspiring conversations” - I love this podcast because it covers such a wide range of topics, yet they all come back to finding alignment in life. There are some topics I have already delved into, some I have been interested in learning about and others I had never heard of. Such a rich content, thank you Amy!
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Australian Yoga Life
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Yoga Magazine UK

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