Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Podcast Host, & container of timeless traditions.

There is no denying the noise of the world, which has fast created much distraction, polarity, and uncertainty.

I believe we, as sincere seekers, have a duty to uphold the yogic traditions and other Indian disciplines with immense integrity and care. Especially if we are not from the source culture. My work offers you a reconnection to the inherent depths of these profound wisdom teachings.

For those who seek spiritual solace and that which is beyond the surface-level, my work serves to guide you toward that which is the most meaningful—beyond merely asana.

Leaning on the various yogic traditions, alongside ayurveda and other Vedic arts, my vision is to serve both dedicated students and teachers within the global yoga community. 

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About Amy

A beacon for those craving a connection to tradition and timeless wisdom, Amy has cemented herself as a global yoga teacher, ayurvedic practitioner, mentor, podcast host, speaker, facilitator of the Study Yoga Summit, and eternal student.

Based in Australia and renowned for her sold-out international retreats, Amy has contributed extensively to Australian Yoga Journal, Om Yoga & Lifestyle magazine, YOGA Magazine (UK), and Nature & Health magazine (AU). She has presented at Wanderlust, Evolve Festival, Byron Spirit Fest, and Ekam Yoga Festival. You can listen to her Living In Alignment podcast on all major platforms.

A registered senior yoga teacher, Amy aims to amalgamate several Indian disciplines into daily life with the hope of inspiring her community to have a tangible relationship with living yoga–rather than seeing it as an isolated practice.

Teachers & Traditions

Amy has had the great privilege of studying under many masterful teachers who have offered her immense spiritual solace and continue to impact her work, life, and teachings.

Honourable mentions go to Dr Robert Svoboda, Elena Brower, Colleena Shakti, HH Swami Vidyadishananda Giri, Louisa Sear, Rose Baudin, Srivatsa Ramaswami, Robert Shankara Moses, Clive Sheridan, and Shantala Sriramaiah.

Immense respect and pranams to their teachers and the lineages that have blessed our paths with light and knowledge.

Amy’s yoga practice and teaching has been informed by the above teachers, alongside others such as Dhirendra Brahmachari, and also various texts like the Haṭhatattvakaumudī, Shiva Samhita, Saundaryalaharī, and more.

Her life is infused by various Indian disciplines and Vedic sciences. This includes not only yoga, ayurveda, and sanskrit, but also jyotisha, kalaripayattu, and other classical art forms.

Amy is presently writing a book to create a valued and dependable resource for the global yoga community. It is for those who seek beyond the surface-level, who yearn for tool that guides toward self-transformation on the path, one that provides digestible depths!

Tap into Tradition

Artful Ayurveda

Cultivate health & harmony through the Ayurvedic application of Yoga

Amy Landry
Amy is a truly inspiring teacher who weaves both her rich knowledge and passion into each of her classes. She is clearly devoted to staying true to the traditional practices and principles of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Indian Arts. Amy deeply cares to offer the insight we all need to live a wholesome life.
Amy Landry
Amy’s depth and breadth of knowledge is incredible. Her classes have ignited in me a deeper craving to learn more. Her knowledge and suggestions I value immensely, which she gives it freely and without expectation. Amy is clearly passionate about tradition and keeping it alive. She’s is one of the most generous people I know.
Amy Landry
Since practicing with Amy I have begun to appreciate the difference thoughtful guidance makes to the asana. The benefits have been increased awareness of my postures, connection to breath, and a sense of groundedness. I highly recommend her classes - they challenge, inspire and reward.
Amy Landry
When I started learning from Amy, she had an authenticity and vulnerability about her. Amy’s vast knowledge of yoga - as a way of life - introduced me to wholistic practices, planting a seed of wanting to know more. Amy is generous in sharing her knowledge, with a true intention of making the world a better place. She walks her talk. I am so grateful for having Amy as a gracious teacher in my life. Because of her I now have so many tools (asana, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda) to ground myself and keep my heart open for others, as well as myself. Such a gift! She is an inspiration to me to keep growing.
Amy Landry
What a privilege to be taught by Amy. A genuine yogini, she has taken her personal practice to such a high level and is very generous is sharing her knowledge and experience. I was practicing yoga long before I met Amy and she has taken my practice into the spiritual realm and taught me to love my body and each moment. Amy brings so much intent and awareness to her classes - I always walk away feeling lighter, calmer, and more conscious.
Amy Landry
How lucky was I to find Amy. Her teaching style, knowledge, and gentle corrections have taught me to really quiet my mind. Her classes have given me the ability to carry the calm through my days and into the stresses life can inevitably bring. I would highly recommend anyone further their knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga with Amy as their guide.

Some of the ways we can work together:

South India Yatra Amy Landry


Looking for an immersion into the depths of yoga somewhere mystical and full of beauty?

Join the upcoming South India Yatra pilgrimage.

Yoga Ayurveda Mastermind


COMING SOON. Grow your impact and income, with integrity.

A unique 6 month experience of existing established Yoga Teachers and Ayurvedic Practitioners. 

Yoga Ayurveda Mastermind


Discover hidden actions and insight within the two major therapeutic inversions of the postural Yoga system.

Experience key subtle preparations, prop usage, and fearless flight. 105 minutes.

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