Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

As a yoga teacher, you may feel a mixture of eagerness, uncertainty, and overwhelm.

Teacher training courses rarely provide the complete skill set to step into a role of such great responsibility. Perhaps you’re feeling it?

Know that you’re not alone.

Teacher training is a big financial investment, and without someone guiding you in daily life, you may easily feel lost or unclear.

Perhaps like you, I craved more depth from this path. I wanted to always feel a great sense of integrity and impact when sharing the wisdom of yoga within my community.

Amy Landry Yoga Teacher Mentorship

The traditional method of learning – Guru Shisha Parampara – is rare and difficult to have access to in our modern life. It can be a massive weight figuring out which way to turn and who to trust.

This unique mentorship container is an opportunity for you to receive direct support and guidance any time, on any day, over the course of four weeks together. The container offers one-on-one personalised coaching, via voice and text messages using the Telegram app (free), to help you evolve more quickly with this purposeful work.

LOVE for Mentorship with Amy

Amy Landry
Working with Amy was above and beyond my expectations. I felt her support both during and in between all of our sessions. Amy gently pushed me outside my comfort zone, which was like being supported by a dear friend who points out your room to grow whilst imparting generous wisdom. Amy reminded me that my work is not about me - it’s about passing on the teachings and tradition. She gave me more confidence and something rich every session, and guided me to stop adding things to my “stress bowl”!
Amy Landry
I knew instantly that Amy’s vision and values were very much aligned with mine. All of her information was so well communicated, genuine, and in depth. Amy is extremely efficient, professional, and supportive. From the very beginning I felt guided. I loved having the support of a senior teacher. She genuinely cared about the progress of both my career and learning. I left each session together feeling motivated and inspired! Working with Amy has opened up more teaching opportunities. I feel like I have a clearer direction of where I am headed and also feel more confident in defining how I want to be teaching.
Amy Landry
Mentoring with Amy probably benefited me even more on a personal level over my teaching. The most memorable learning has been to stay true to myself - realising that I no longer enjoy teaching big group classes, that I can choose what style of yoga I am willing to teach, and how to navigate social media. I felt Amy’s teaching and message was both authentic and traditional.
Amy Landry
As a new yoga teacher I felt anxious and overwhelmed. Despite having never met Amy, I instinctively knew she was the right person to help me navigate the ups and downs. Her desire to preserve the integrity of yoga resonated deeply. Amy was generous with her time and created a safe space to discuss challenges and perceived shortcomings. I never felt alone. Her feedback boosted my confidence and she provided practical guidance to enhance my teaching. As a result I am now being paid to teach weekly classes and have organised a number of independent events. Under Amy's guidance I have confidence, clarity, and a direct understanding of who I am here to serve.
Amy Landry
Amy assisted me to find how yoga could change someone's life first hand. She was extremely professional as a teacher and inspired me as a student. I was extremely happy the mentoring was structured to my needs and not a blanket approach. Amy was able to gently guide me to explore my interests and challenged my teaching style. This helped me to improve my classes by providing me with practical hints and tips that I was able to implement. Throughout the program I have been extremely grateful that I was able to discuss my plans, learnings, and challenges. I can not begin to put into words the benefits I have gained from this program - both personally and professionally.

We learn much on teacher trainings, and we can easily struggle to assimilate it all.

Working with a mentor will activate a more masterful evolution of your skills, such as:

Dialogue and communication, developing your unique offerings beyond group classes, appropriate assisting and adjusting, effective sequencing, cultivating a healthy home practice, building confidence in pranayama, methodology for working one-on-one privately with students, teaching to large groups, effective integration of Ayurveda, business and marketing, ethics, sorting your finances, and developing one’s place within the community.

You may have questions that remain unanswered…

  • How do I gain my first teaching position?
  • Should I teach for free?
  • How much should I earn per class?
  • How do I best approach my local studio/s for work?
  • How do I best market myself?
  • How do I develop my ‘voice’, better dialogue, and my uniqueness?
  • What resources can help me along my teaching journey?
  • How can I consistently create good class sequences?
  • Do I need a website? A Facebook page?
  • How can I promote myself, without seeming egotistical or generic?
  • What further training should I look into to further my skills?
  • What should I do if… a student leaves my class? a student gets injured in my class? a student complains?
  • How to organise special events, like workshops, courses, retreats, etc?
  • Should I register with a membership body? Get insurance? What company is best?
  • How do I make money doing what I love?
  • Should I quit my ‘day job’?
  • My family does not support my desire to teach. What should I do?

“I shall be gone. You shall continue. And when you’ll be gone, see that there is somebody to continue.”

Yogi Bhajan

What next?

A mentoring container is a joining of forces to create a continually high standard of yoga teachers and maintain integrity of the tradition.

After making your payment, you will be sent an online form so I can uncover your current needs, biggest challenges, and areas of focus. This way I will know how best to serve you as we begin.

Mentoring is for you if:


You desire receiving objective feedback and direction


You’re self led and accountable


You’re seeking a safe space to ask any and all questions whenever needed


You are committed to finding pockets of time in your life to take the steps and make an impact


You value and respect tradition and know yoga is a system far beyond the postures


You love to immerse in study and learning all facets of the yoga tradition


You know true success and impact within the community isn’t defined by your social media presence or number of followers


You know teaching yoga can enhance other streams of work you’re involved in, and that you do not necessarily need to “quit your day job”.

Mentoring is NOT for you if:


You’re inconsistent and are not committed to Yoga in the long term


Your main priority is how to get more classes and more students because numbers feel validating


You think a senior and successful teacher is someone who has a big social media presence and following


You have no genuine interest pranayama, meditation, or other facets of the yoga tradition


You dread your current career or job and feel yoga teaching would be a cool replacement


You’re unable to honour your financial commitment


You no longer want to study yoga and just want to teach it


You only want to teach what’s popular and mainstream

Ready to be a steady & aspiring beacon for the yoga tradition?

Here are all the official details you need:

$1108 AUD when paid in full.

Includes: 4 consecutive and intensive weeks of coaching support with Amy via voice or text messages in the Telegram app (free).

Unlimited communication and access to Amy for the 4 week period. No scheduled calls face to face. The freedom to send communication at any time, day or night, whenever you need, when the downloads strike, and when the questions arise!

See Terms and Conditions further below.

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself”



REGISTRATION: The online application form must be completed prior to the commencement of the Mentoring container with Amy.

PAYMENT: Payment in full is required prior to the commencement of Mentoring. Alternatively, a payment plan is available, and a deposit is to be made prior to commencement. Payments are non refundable and non transferrable. Payment in full reduces the overall cost for you. A tax invoice will be provided. Payment/s can be made via bank deposit, PayPal or credit card.

CANCELLATION: In the event that you decide to cease your commitment to the Mentorship container with Amy prior to commencement, a refund of 50% is offered for those who paid in full upfront.

For questions or clarifications, please CONTACT AMY.

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