Essential Oils: Let me answer your objections…

Aug 5, 2018 | Essential Oils

You are empowered. You have choices. Do you want the fruit, or the fruit loops? I’m serious. Please, allow me straight up to answer your objection/s:

OBJECTION – Perhaps you harbour resistance through a tainted view of direct selling, and this is your block to getting started. Consider this – instead of walking into a store under fluorescent lighting, then purchasing some potentially adulterated oil over the counter from someone who doesn’t really care about you… VS having me come into your home, or inviting you to a class at the local yoga studio, we sit and eat yummy bliss balls, sniff the beauty of the oils, share our stories, and have a great time together… and then if you wish to buy you can. If you don’t want to, then no worries. Not so scary huh?

OBJECTION – Perhaps you think you don’t have the money. Investing in prevention is a sure fire way to save money in the long run. Oh, and some oils are just a few cents per drop, FYI. If you can afford coffee/magazines/shoes/chocolate/etc you can afford essential oils. You can always start small.

OBJECTION – Perhaps you think you’ll be forced into some kind of business opportunity. Well, guess what? 86% of customers are just users. They love and use their oils. Period.

OBJECTION – Perhaps you think you’re being screwed over. This ain’t a pyramid scheme (you know they’re now illegal right?). And when you purchase something over the counter in a retail store, you’re voting for slave labour and sending the big bucks to the “man” at the top (who is rarely the person who held the vision in the first place).

OBJECTION – Perhaps you think it’ll all be just too hard to understand/use the oils. We’ve got you covered with a lifetime supply of resources and education. The catch? You’ve just got to take a look/read/listen.

OBJECTION – Perhaps you want certified organic. Did you know that the industry isn’t regulated. At all. Most oil companies are third party tested through the Essential Oil University in the US, and they report that 75% of oils on the market are adulterated. Even the organic ones (because even though the plant life may be certified, that doesn’t ensure safety from the ground to the bottle). doTERRA guarantees no herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, or fillers. Want proof? They’re the ONLY company on the planet publicly disclosing their third party test results online for you and I to see. Just punch in the batch number on the bottom of your bottle at and VOILA.

OBJECTION – Perhaps you value sourcing local. Allow me to put your heart at ease. doTERRA source from 46 countries, and over half are developing nations. They’re the only company that do not own farm land and keep everything indigenous or where the plant best thrives (to get the best end result). Hence, many of these countries NEED us. There is NO middle man between doTERRA and these farmers and their families. We build schools, rebuild communities, build water pipelines, and rescue children from sex slavery. I don’t align with borders of a country. Every human has a right to not just survive, but thrive.

You have access to something right in front of you, highly concentrated from nature, through which you can support underlying problems, rather than masking symptoms. So what are you waiting for??

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