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Ayurveda & the Sweet, Seductive Coconut

Ayurveda & the Sweet, Seductive Coconut

From the Ayurvedic perspective, coconut is cooling, sweet, nutritive, demulcent (relieving inflammation), and even a laxative. Interestingly, coconut is considered a divine plant in the Vedic tradition. Whenever a sacred ceremony is performed, a coconut must grace the occasion. The coconut is actually divided into three types of coconuts —

Baal: tender or baby coconut
Madhyam: half-mature coconut
Pakva: fully mature coconut

There are times in life when our body fills up with pitta-charged ama (toxic matter). This causes the ph levels in the deeper digestive system to fall, leading to severe hyperacidity. That’s when the coconut can step in to heal. Because it is anuloman (moving with the natural direction) in nature, tender coconut balances acid levels and cools the system. The coconut is superior to other herbs and fruits that can cool down pitta, but do not flush it out of the system.

Here are some interesting points about coconut, which you may find useful:

  • Coconut cools sadhaka pitta, which is associated with emotions such as anger, frustration, and impatience.
  • Ayurveda considers coconut a natural stress-buster.
  • Coconut oil can be used to massage the gums in the mouth, to ease bleeding gums.
  • Coconut oil is an excellent healer when applied to burns – sun burn, etc.
  • Combined with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, cumin, coriander, and turmeric, coconut is not only delicious and versatile, but also heals the digestive system and promotes better metabolism.
  • In Southern India, women apply coconut oil to their hair every day-which gives them long, lustrous locks.
  • Due to its soma-enhancing or nurturing value, coconut heals hot flashes and restores emotional stability in menopausal women.
  • Coconut improves the complexion.
  • If you have urine retention from heat, then coconut water helps. Similarly, liver problems, such as inflammation, are also soothed by drinking tender coconut water.
  • Coconut helps detoxify and flush toxins out of the body.

Coconut water is the juice of young, or Baal, tender coconuts, and is certainly nature’s energy drink. It is a naturally steralized mineral water, which can aid in healing a number of ailments. Coconut water is hydrating, rich in minerals, cleanses the urinary tract, and is even thought to be an aphrodisiac! Coconut water is good for Pitta (offering cooling properties) and Vata (offering oily and sweet properties) doshas. While unclogging the body’s channels, the tender coconut water lubricates the dryness caused by ama (toxins). It also soothes and repairs the gastro-intestinal tract. 

In regards to when the best time to consume coconut water is, generally after a work out or your hot yoga class. More specifically, drinking coconut water during the pitta time of day (between 10am and 2pm) will be most effective. Even better, summer time calls for the cooling, calming properties that coconut water offers in abundance!

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45 Responses to Ayurveda & the Sweet, Seductive Coconut

  1. I love to start my day with my beloved Ashtanga Yoga practise, especially when guided by my favourite teacher Trevor Tangye.

    I love to add a little spoon of coconut oil to my musli. I feel like it makes me stay full for longer!

  2. 1. I love taking my dog for walks/runs along the westcoast highway and also going to a local yoga class when I can called Cloudnine Yoga in WA, Australia

    2. I love all things coconut; the oil, water, milk & flesh – water in smoothies or just to drink straight out of the cocnut & eat the flesh with a spoon. I make cocnut butter out of the shredded & dried coconut for loads of my healthy deserts & the milk in my breakfast cerals, chia seed puddings and also making cocnut cream to go with my healthy desserts 🙂 YUM! Now I need a coconut! haha

  3. I’ve been pregnant for the last nine months, so have spent my spring and summer moving on the beach: walking, swimming and practicing my yoga.
    My favourite coconut is as juice, fresh from the tree, but since that is not always available I also love to use dessicated and shredded coconut in cooking: apple crumble, bliss balls, and biccies 🙂

  4. 1. I like most to sweat in the sauna!
    2. My favourite use for coconuts is to use toasted coconut chips in my homemade granola.

  5. 1. Rock climbing at St Peters climbing gym and yoga at Power Living Bondi Junction

    2. a. Coconut oil for cooking and hair treatments.

    b. Coconut water for extra liquid in my daily green smoothie ( #1 kale, celery, beetroot, ginger, carrot and coconut water ). AND coconut water in my protein shake ( #2 frozen ripe banana + 180 chocolate protein + coconut water).

    Sara xo

  6. I love taking yoga classes at my nearby fitness center. My teacher is excellent and i look forward to class every week! My absolutely favorite way to use coconut, is to use the coconut fat to make vegan whipped cream! It is delicious on waffles or when fruit is dunked into it! It has an impecible coconutty flavor and is filled with healthy fats! Totally addicting as well!!! Living on a tropical island, where fresh coconuts are accessible, i love storing the water and making my own coconut milk as well. A perfect, healthy pick me up!

  7. 1. Doing Yoga in my room. Starting Yoga in July. So far doing Pilates for eight months with private teacher.
    2. Coconut milk is my fav. Whatever I use milk tocook, coconut milk becomes replacement.

  8. 1. Riding my bicycle around Fernleigh track, doing yoga, and weight training.
    2. Coconut water is perfect for replenishing the body’s energy. I love it.

  9. 1. I was recently introduced to yoga a couple months ago and fell in love, not only with the practice, but with the amazing studio as well called The Glowing Body. 🙂

    2. I love coconut anyway I can have it, whether that be coconut water, coconut oil to cook with or using it as a hair mask.

  10. 1. I love running outside with friends, as well as my weekly hot yoga classes.

    2. I use homemade cocounut cream in my coffee, it sounds strange but so delicious!

  11. I love attending my Iyengar yoga classed in a very beautiful loving studio and surrounded by likeminded people and amazing teachers

    I love to use coconut oil in Bliss Balls and Cacao Balls and
    coconut water in breakfast smoothies..

  12. 1. My favourite way to sweat and exercise is at Bikram Yoga Gosford.
    2. My favourite use of coconut is a cold RawC straight after class! I also love coconut oil as a body moisturiser and in wholewheat pumpkin bread. And coconut oil and chips in my homemade granola. All of it totally delicious!!!!

  13. I love beginning my day with Raw C coconut water. I also drink it daily before each Bikram yoga class I start to make sure I don’t get any cramps and it fully hydrates me. I practise my classes at the amazing studio in Petersham NSW. Inner west Bikram yoga
    They also stock Raw C Coconut water and it is there I discovered it. I have also converted my husband into drinking it and explained all the great benefits as opposed to those nasty sugar filled sports and energy drinks. My husband works in the steel fabrication industry and he always gets dehydrated and has found Raw C coconut water to be very beneficial. I have tried others on the market that claim to be as good but have found them to be too sweet and not as good tasting. I buy it now by he case and would love to win some more! 😉

    I like drinking my Raw C coconut water straight up and chilled! So refreshing! I use coconut oil in my hair and many coconut oil based body scrubs which are invigorating and moisturising. No need for body lotion after that!
    And who can go past using coconut milk and cream for a good curry! My all time favourite is Massaman curry. I make a great authentic one 🙂

    Now, excuse me, I must go and replenish with some Raw C coconut water.
    Namaste…… Koula x 🙂

  14. I do roller derby, so train 2-3 times per week plus 3-4 yoga classes (at the beautiful Verve For Life studio in Newcastle, NSW), have PT once a week, go running once a week & train a group bootcamp twice a week!

    I am vegan, so coconut is my best friend! I love rehydrating with coconut water, using coconut oil in all my cooking & coconut milk in curries and all the yummy desserts my wife makes. Last week was “ice-cream” using coconut milk, cacao powder & banana, peanut butter.

  15. I love to get fit at the beach , its so easy to cool down afterwards, with four kids and one more baking, right now its more get fat at the beach than fit 😉 My favourite use of coconut is the oil, i use it for everything, cooking , moisturiser, instead of butter in recipes, flavouring stirfries etc, love it, just wish i could grow some 🙂

  16. I enjoy doing Yoga at dawn every morning on the grass outside my house. Rising with the sun is relaxing, and is the perfect way to unwind, clear my head and begin my day.

    I have to admit, I’m a bit of a coconut-addict, so it’s hard to choose my favourite use for it! I cook with coconut oil, use coconut nectar as a sweetener in my chai tea, use young coconut flesh in my smoothies, and have a glass of coconut water just before I go to bed every night. It truly is a miracle nut!

  17. My favorite form of exercise is yoga at the Jivamukti studio in Enmore NSW. I do yoga at least 5 days a week. Once a week, I also love to do a style of yoga called kundalini. It is incredible. The healing’s i have received both mentally and physically have been amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone. Its a bit “weird” when you start as a lot of the things you do, you ask yourself “what the?” But as time goes by you start to understand what is actually happening to your body, your central nervous system and your neural pathways. Things don’t ruffle me as much anymore or if they do i let it go much easier then before. My whole emotional state has changed for the better. It has been life changing!

    When it comes to coconuts i’m coconut obsessed!! I love drinking it on a weekly basis. Secondly i love buying young coconuts, drinking the water and eating the flesh. It’s full of amazing oils and fats that the body needs. My body laps it up!! Thirdly i use coconut oil in a number of ways such as cooking, on body sores, cuts, burns, in my hair and as an Ayurvedic cleanser for your mouth by oil pulling. Its great for your teeth and can heal tooth decay!

  18. I love to do my 15min T-Tapp workout with my husband in the morning, the hoedowns really make you sweat but coconut water is the best replenishment!

    I love eating coconut oil straight off the spoon, i do it at home at work or sneak it in where ever i go. i dont leave home without my coconut magic oil!

  19. In my studio, falling into an Authentic practice, led by my inner teacher.

    Drink it. After practice, as advised by my teacher Sri K. Pattabhi Jois more than 13 years ago.

    Aums M

  20. I love to do hot yoga first thing in the morning before anything else. It is such a great way to start the day balanced and refreshed! I love yoga loft at Newcastle, it’s my home away from home.

    My favourite use of coconut would either have to be drinking coconut water or coconut oil for cooking- in sweets like sugar free chocolate or even quinoa porridge!

  21. 1/ I love working out at Planet Fitness Belmont & also do Yoga there with amazing Emily x Namaste X
    2/ I can’t wait to use coconut water in green smoothies in my new u-beaut blender !

  22. Sweating out stress at the yoga loft! Then a run or a swim with mans best friend..

    I’m big on baking and crazy about all forms of coconut although my #1 fave is coconut water 😉

  23. I compete in sled dog racing on the forest tracks in and around Perth & south west WA. I like to use coconut water to hydrate myself and the dogs before & fater a run – they love it too!!

    I also have found coconut water very useful for hydration this week as I’ve had gastro 🙁

    I love coconut oil too – oil pulling, cooking, snacking and for a treat for the dogs!!

  24. Firstly, I love to sweat at a Body Balance class (yoga/pilates/tai chi) in Warragul, Victoria (a recently new location I am trying out) and walking my dog.

    Secondly, I love having Raw C Coconut Water in my quinoa, seed and raw cacao breakfast, in my chocolate pea protein shake, by itself, with spirulina or in a bowl mixed with chocolate pea protein raw cacao and dessicated coconut to make a yummy chocolatey mousse!! :o)

  25. I love to train and move my body daily in many ways from weight training to Bikram yoga!
    The best way to use coconut water is in my post-workout smoothies, coconut flakes for my raw vegan protein balls to re-energise throughout the day and coconut oil in my bullet coffees to start the day! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE coconut….oh and I I mention lathering the oil on my skin and hair.

  26. 1) I love practicing Bikram Yoga at the Gold Coast Mermaid Beach and Burleigh studios!

    2) I love drinking natural coconut water straight after my yoga classes to immediately feel hydrated and refreshed =)

  27. In the non-rainy months I arrive home from work amid the chaos and traffic, unzip the top deck of my boat and as the sun begins to fall towards the mountains of the bay I listen within and move through improvisational yoga. And when I finally set on the ground, so has the sun. Together the environment settles. Together we still. And together we find a peace in the dusk that renews the spirit.

    Just as yoga refresh the spirit, I have found coconut water to refresh the body. I have found regular drinks to help with muscle cramping though heated yoga classes. Now I mix it in my blender with some watermelon and ice for a summer chiller.

  28. 1) I love my Yoga practice together with jogging and hiking. My favourite studio to practice is Yoga Moves in Sydney’s Paddington – I feel deeply connected to that space and the teachers! I also love to practice yoga at home and meditate in my new bathroom.
    2) I LOVE everything coconut!
    I use:
    – Coconut Water in my smoothies and drink on its own to replenish electrolytes;
    – Coconut Milk in my porridge, indian and thai-inspired curries and some smoothies, too;
    – Coconut oil for cooking,in making my raw chocolate balls,frying as well as applying on my skin;
    – Shredded Coconut in my desserts and curries, too!

  29. My favourite place to exercise is outdoors, in the early morning. Nature is just waking up also and the scents in the air are fresh and vibrant.
    My favourite way to use coconut is coconut oil blended with a frozen banana and raw cacao for an instant icecream treat. Yum!

  30. I love morning yoga classes at Verve for Life, complemented by cycling on alternate days – nothing better than feeling so alive as the earth wakes up for another day . . .

    I use coconut oil on my skin and as a hair conditioning treatment, as well as in a variety of asian cooking dishes. Since discovering that it is one of the best oils to use at high temperatures, I’ve replaced olive oil for high temp cooking, for a healthier meal:)

  31. I love to run by the lake, gym at Warner’s bay or hit up a yoga studio if I can fit it in.

    I cleanse and moisturize my face with coconut oil!!

  32. 1) sweat it yoga at the yoga loft in Newcastle!! I could do it 24 hrs a day…… Love love love it!!!

    2) coconut oil as a moisturiser to keep wrinkles at bay 🙂 it’s awesome!!!

  33. “No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” – Socrates

    being yoga – up on the sunny coast – is where i do a whole lot of my sweating (err..when i’ve got the coin to pay for classes). i travel around australia with my trx trainer in tow – you can hook those bad boys onto anything and sweat your little toosh off for free – in your choice of location! but best of all, i’m learning my body has everything i need – there isn’t always a need for classes and studios and trainers and gyms and weights and “stuff”. the ultimate, unlimited source of energy is in all of us – we just need to tap in and start moving! anywhere…

    i smear coconut oil all over myself, every single day. then, i put a scoop in my morning tea – its like a yummy dessert for breakfast and works its magic from the inside.

    thanks for the giveaway – someone’s gonna be real pumped (and full of juicy, coconutty electrolytes).

  34. I just love walking outdoors in the fresh air & with nature 🙂

    I love coconut EVERYTHING…but my favourite would be coconut cream in my homemade green curry. Yum!!!

  35. My favorite place to workout is outdoors! Whether it is running, cycling, swimming, or just chasing after my dog 🙂
    I love using coconut milk and coconut water in my smoothies or just drinking straight out of the carton:)

  36. I love working out at my gym – EFM Frankston or going for a run. I have extra hydration from drinking raw c coconut water before and after a work out and I cook with coconut oil and add coconut oil and coconut water to my smoothies! Love it

  37. I like to sweat it out with Step Into Life Terrigal twice a week doing a toning session and Boxing and on the other days love running around the Haven at Terrigal followed by a visit to Bella Cafe to buy my Raw C! Although, they seem to run out a lot so i would love to have a batch delivered to me…I use it in my green smoothies everyday and my two boys love it after school with their snack too…

  38. I love to move everywhere!! I walk around my suburb and participate in all the classes at my local gym – pilates, pump and Zumba!

    Love all coconut products – but would go for oil if I had to choose just one. I put in my smoothies, fry veges in it and use it in baking.

  39. I love to start the day training at chocolate box personal training in Cromer. I love using my raw c coconut water in my green smoothies each morning x

  40. I love to run on the beach most days!
    I use coconut water in my morning green smoothie, can’t go without it.

  41. 1. Favourite way to exercise is running around the Maribyrnong river in Melbourne at dusk. I love how the sun reflects off the water (particularly on a balmy summer night)!

    2. Coconut product of choice -Definitely coconut milk, the pivotal ingredient in a moreish homemade Thai curry!

  42. 1 My favourite way to exercise is to go walking in the bush, you get to enjoy nature and native animals at the same time as staying fit and healthy. 2 I like to use coconut milk and coconut cream in my cooking, it adds a creamy taste to my curries and stir fries.

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