Appetising Ayurvedic Apples

Jun 14, 2013 | Ayurveda, Food

There is nothing like biting into a fresh, organic, crunchy, juicy, and sweet apple to delight the senses. However, the Ayurvedic understanding is that this fruit can be very Vata aggravating and should be avoided by some. To make the fruit more digestible, and equally as tasty, a common method for preparing apples is to stew them. This enables the apples to be more warming (with the spices), less drying on the body (so as not to aggravate vata), and an excellent option for a light breakfast or morning tea.

Aligning with Ayurvedic principles, it is important to note that fruit should generally be eaten separate to all other foods. Particularly avoid mixing fruit with dairy products, for example, no fruit on top of your yoghurt or ice-cream! Dried fruit takes on a different elemental quality, so is often added to oatmeal or a delicious porridge. Although dried fruit and nuts are not a great mix for your digestive fire either. All in all, cooking fruit makes is much more digestible, and friendly on your wellbeing, particularly during the seasons of Autumn (Vata), and Winter (Kapha).

Apples tend to be the best and freshest in season around winter time, which is when they can be the most aggravating to the doshas (mostly bata types). This spiced recipe will create warmth and digestibility to your delicious harvest!

Easy to make and prepare, stewed apples are a perfect option for breakfast, especially if you had a large meal the night before. You may like to also experiment with pears, and other fruits.


4 small-medium organic apples

1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

6 cloves

1/4 teaspoon ginger

A little water

Optional: A little rapadura sugar or jaggery to taste


Cut your apples into quarters, and place into a saucepan/pot. Add your spices and a little water. Bring slowly to the boil, simmer with the lid on, stirring every now and then until the apples are nice and soft.

(This recipe is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free)

I love these stewed apples served up on my deliciousAyurvedic porridge!

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