Prenatal Yoga For Each Trimester

Apr 10, 2019 | Motherhood, Yoga

Each trimester is different and requires varied considerations. Just as our asana practice should shift with the seasons, pregnancy has its own seasons too. Hence, I wanted to create something for the expectant mamas to access from the comfort of home for whatever stage they are at, for free.

Please share these videos with any expectant mama you know!

Each trimester of pregnancy requires and suits different application of yoga postures. There is not a one size fits all approach. Please use these videos as a simple guide. Adjust as needed.

IMPORTANT – seek medical advice before beginning any new exercise or movement practice.

The first trimester of pregnancy (up to 17 weeks) is the most vulnerable time. Only do this sequence if you’re NOT new to yoga and have medical clearance. Seek our direct advice from a yoga professional in your area if any concerns or uncertainty.

IMPORTANT: Malasana (Garland, or squatting, pose) is featured in the third trimester sequence below… please consider doing it if you’re naturally quite tight in the hips and groin area. If you’re already very open here, please minimise doing the pose until the latter part of 3rd trimester.

If you find these videos useful, I’d be so grateful to hear your thoughts in a comment below. And do share them with your beautiful friends who are expecting. Such an important gift that doesn’t cost anything.


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