Ayurveda, Yoga, & Motherhood – An interview

Jul 9, 2018 | Ayurveda, Motherhood

Last week I had the privilege of being interviewed by fellow Aussie Mama and devotee of Ayurveda, Annie Knoth.

We talk about:
– Morning routines in mamahood
– the integration (and importance) of integrating Ayurveda into yoga classes
– Conditioned, patterned behaviour (& the conscious choice around clearing it)
– One thing I always avoid (to ensure good health & optimal digestion)
– Seasonal living (and what that really means)
– The empowerment of considering the constitution of our children
& a ton more…. 

All in under 30 minutes!

You can watch this insightful conversation online right here:

Like this conversation? What was your biggest takeaway? I’d love to know – please leave me a comment below!

And, if you know of someone who you think would benefit from this chat, please share this with them. 

Have a magical day,

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