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Julie Smerdon – Building Community & Unity with Yoga

Julie Smerdon is a writer, storyteller, international yoga teacher, and perennial student who has been sharing yoga, meditation, and inspiration for two decades. Privileged to have studied under master teachers, Julie offers these practices as a means to empower, connect, and inspire people to cultivate a richer, more conscious experience of life. With her trademark warmth, humour, and enthusiasm, Julie presents these concepts in a masterful style that blends strong technique with perceptive insights that ignite the soul.

Julie has led Shri Yoga, in Brisbane, into the forefront of the Australian yoga scene as the ultimate destination for world-class yoga and meditation education and teacher development. A teacher’s teacher, Julie’s trainings have produced some of Brisbane’s best-loved instructors. In addition to her own trainings, Julie is widely known for bringing some of the top teachers in the world to Australia to share their wisdom.

Having earned certifications in both Power and Anusara yoga, Julie’s extensive knowledge of biomechanics and therapeutics has led to her ongoing work with Cricket Australia. Her work has also been featured in Australian Yoga Journal, Australian Yoga Life, and In Style Magazine.

In this episode:

•Julie shares her very intimate and challenging health hardships that threw her onto her path
•Her experience with and influence of Kashmir Shaivism alongside Christianity
•The books and authors that influenced Julie’s path
•How Julie honour’s tradition
•Adapting yoga rather than diluting or appropriating
•Misconceptions Julie finds new yoga teachers have
•Current challenges and confusions around yoga teaching
•Studentship in life
•Julie’s biggest teachers in life and yoga
•What you want to know if you consider owning a yoga studio
•Cultivating community and the impacts of COVID-19
•Self care and self-perception the past months
•Julie’s big announcement about the Shri Yoga studio and it’s next era
•The incredible Shri TV online and continuing more education and training
•Plus a bunch more!

Connect with Julie:


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