Essential Oils

The noise of the world has dismantled our capacity to be in harmony with natural rhythms and wisdom. Allow me to take you deeper into the plant kingdom, to help you reconnect to something innate.
Ancient traditions all reached for and relied on plants as medicine. The earth is yearning for our connection, recognition, and unity.
Here are some momentous reasons why the world needs you to dive into the immense value of essential oils:
To change the healthcare paradigm for the next generation
Minimise our environmental footprint through keeping our homes and waterways natural and safe
Access immediate support for mental and emotional health (our next major health crisis)
Avoid harmful side effects from long term pharmaceutical usage
To not get ignorantly caught up in the 1 trillion dollar whirlwind pharmaceutical industry
Avoid missing out of the efficacy and affordability of proactive healthcare

The oils have been the greatest tools for self-regulation of both my internal and external environment.

Currently, you may feel confused, uncertain, or even alone at times in life. These oils provide the opportunity for you to be a beacon, a healer in your home and community, a visionary for harmonious living.

Here are your next steps:

1. Watch this online class

2. Review your starter kit options by your country of residence

3. Review the FAQ below and follow the steps to get started

Contact me to get plugged into resources, education, and arrange your one-on-one catch up to ensure you’re feeling confident getting going with the oils (this is where we get you familiar with your oils, answer questions, and set up some health habits and/or health stations around your home).


Let’s clear up any potential concerns:

  • After viewing the above video, confirm which starter kit is best for your every day needs and your budget.
  • Get in touch to find out if there are any specific bonus offerings from doTERRA at any given time that you could receive when you place your order.
  • Contact me for a country specific PDF order form. Or, alternatively, you can click this link and follow the steps to order yourself. Click “Join & Save”, then follow the prompts.
Grateful you’ll soon be accessing the harmonious benefits of plants. Arms open wide to welcome you into our community!

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