SHIVA: The Original Yogi – online masterclass

Why is SHIVA relevant to you and I on the path of yoga? Who is he? 

This 65-minute foundational class will introduce you to who Shiva is, his most common adornments and their symbolism, potent mantras, an Indian cultural context for Shiva, insight into how he is woven into our yoga practice, how we can honour him in daily life, and much more.

A class presented for both students and teachers of yoga, deepen your personal practice through the symbolism and mythology of Shiva, The Lord of Yoga.

What are the hidden secret teachings behind Shiva’s various forms and adornments?
How is Shiva, omnipresent, everywhere all at once?
How can one tangibly honour this Shiva consciousness in daily life?
Where do we see Shiva within nature?
What elements of asana and pranayama are directly related to Shiva?
What is the Shiva Lingam? Is it a sexual symbol? If not, how can the mind grasp its depth of meaning?
All of this is addressed, and more, in the new masterclass.

Join Amy Landry for this 65-minute online masterclass, with lifetime access to your download.

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