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Jude Blereau – Wholefood Wisdom

Jude Blereau has been living a wholefood life long before ‘wholefood’ was a buzzword for healthy living, and has been actively involved in the wholefood movement for over 25 years. Jude has a deep interest in effecting change in how we as a society grow, produce, relate to, and eat food. She is a passionate advocate for sustainable and ethical farming practices, artisanal skills and knowledge, and supporting our local farmers.

Born in the 1950’s to a mother of Italian decent, food has always been a major part of her life. Jude is a whole and natural foods chef, award winning author of 5 books, speaker, and cooking teacher. All her books are a discussion on and guide to nourishing wisdoms, and then how we translate that into delicious meals as a part of everyday life, with less stress even on the busiest days.

In this chat, we dig into:

•the value to taking a hard look at how we’re living in our society
•the loss of food culture, what it is, and why we need it
•how wholefood is real food
•seasonal eating, awareness, growing, living
•why local is essential
•the relationship between food and family
•the book that fell at Jude’s feet and directed her work
•creating memories through food
•raising children and coming together with food
•Ayurvedic value in our world and kitchen
•how disconnection creates segregation
•the risks of fractionalised diets and fads
•extremes from soil destruction to dietary labelling
•how to honour our local farmers and food security
•understanding organic food
•Jude’s favourite meal and dessert
•the danger of the denial of joy
•plus a bunch more (& a few giggles along the way!)

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