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Welcome to Momentum Mastermind!

You’re in. And golly, I’m honoured to have you with us for the very first inaugural “BETA” experience.

Firstly, please do check your email inbox for a confirmation of your payment.

Now, scroll down to tap into the next steps. You’ll also hear from me personally via email very soon.


Keep your eyes peeled for an email coming from me.

This email will include your Mastermind Handbook plus a link to watch your welcome video. Here you will also access the tech help video so you can get familiar with the next level Slack app.

You’ll receive an invite to our “workspace” on Slack. Please set yourself up with the free app and have a dabble. The video will support you to get going don’t forget. You’ll quickly get the hang of it – Slack has many wonderful features!

Lastly, you receive notice of our first call together once the date and time is confirmed. If you cannot make it live this will be recorded for you.

Reach out if you have any questions or need anything in the meantime.

Lets connect on Instagram.

And send me a message over there to let me know that you’re in!

Got a question?

Here are some answers:

Do I get any 1 to 1 support?
The format of a mastermind is bringing likeminded folks together to grow and work as a group. There is no direct private coaching or mentoring. However, during live calls there is an opportunity to ask questions and also “hot seat” style coaching. You can always send an email if you need to communicate anything privately as well.

If you’d like to upgrade and tack on some private mentoring, please contact Amy to discuss further.

Do you offer scholarships?
Yes – we have two partial scholarships for this round of Momentum Mastermind. This gives two people 50% off the cost with the option to pay up front or via payment plan.

The initial deposit amount remains the same, and is required upfront, even if you’re offered a scholarship place.

To apply, please copy/paste the below questions into a fresh email (with your answers) and send to

Send me a message on Instagram to let me know also, in case it ends up in a junk folder somewhere!


Full name:


Your website and/or active social media links:

Do you identify as someone with a marginalised identity? If yes, please specify and elaborate:

Why do you want to join this mastermind?

By submitting this scholarship application, do you understand you will receive 50% off the cost? Yes/No

How are live calls conducted?
Live calls will be via Zoom.

All calls will be recorded in case the time of a call doesn’t work for you in your time zone or if you have another important commitment.

Live engagement is encouraged because we get more out of these immersive experiences. Additionally, attending live means you can have questions answered (especially by guest facilitators who are invited in for one live call only).

Even though it’ll be best value for you, live attendance on every call is not required.

Is there a payment plan available?
Yes. Please note that all payments owning are required by the end of the 6 month mastermind.
What if I would like a refund?
Because I stand by the incredible value that participation in a mastermind can bring, and I know this immersion works, there are no refunds offered for this mastermind.

Part of your success in this is your investment of time and attention. When we make a financial commitment, we are more likely to show up and do the work. Sometimes however, that still is not enough motivation.

Nonetheless, I stand by my commitment to you and to us rising together.

So are you in with me?


Australian Yoga Journal
Australian Yoga Life
Om Yoga Magazine
Ekam Yoga Festival
Yoga Magazine UK


A beacon for those craving a connection to tradition and timeless wisdom, Amy has cemented herself as a global teacher, mentor, mama, practitioner, podcast host, speaker, and eternal student.

Renowned for her sold-out retreats, Amy has contributed extensively to Australian Yoga Journal, Om Yoga & Lifestyle magazine, YOGA Magazine (UK), and Nature & Health magazine (AU). She has presented at Wanderlust, Evolve, Byron Spirit Fest, and Ekam Yoga Festival. You can listen to her Living In Alignment podcast on all major platforms.

Gurur Brahmā Gurur Viṣṇur Gurur devo Maheśvaraḥ
Guruḥ sākṣāt paraṁ Brahma tasmai śrī gurave namaḥ

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