Bliss Body Meditation Series

“Amy – I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have received your meditation series. I am yet to master it, however this has been a lovely introduction for me. And I have been slowly making my way through your blog posts – you have left me feeling informed, inspired, and not so overwhelmed. Thank you again!”

– Amanda Gleeson

Meditation is an essential component of the Yogic path.
In reality, accessing a truly still quality of mind takes more than just sitting on a yoga mat with your eyes closed, expecting something pivotal to unfold.

Yogic philosophy teaches us that we can access a quiet state of mind through the body, the breath, and via withdrawing sensory stimulation (Pratyahara). A further concept of Yoga philosophy is of the five sheaths (or layers) of the ‘body’, which are like lampshades covering the light – the higher Self – within us. This Bliss Body meditation series is an essential and educational tool to uncover and harmonise these layers so that you can gain insight and access to the truest state of Self.

Even just a glimpse is enough to ignite a deeper path.

This audio guided meditation series will offer you a beautiful and tangible understanding of Yoga philosophy, whilst helping to further evolve your meditation experience.

Allow your body, breath, and mind to quieten.

Sink effortlessly into focused, yet easy, concentration so that you can then shift into a state of blissful absorption with the Self.

Transform your experience of meditation. Transform your daily life.

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