Treating My Body’s Topsoil

Apr 24, 2013 | Ayurveda

As a child, I grew up with severe eczema, asthma, and allergies. I experienced these symptoms very frequently, and as part of my treatment was heavily medicated with pharmacuetical creams, corticosteroids, and more. Being Australian, I spent many days in the sunshine, often unprotected, and each Summer I would ‘kiss’ my skin with a severe sun burn.

My natural skin type is very dry, sensitive, and freckly. As an adult, I now spend a lot less time in the sun (no tanning for me). Although, it is significant to note that I do try to get the sun on my skin almost every day, unprotected, to absorb vitamin D. In all honesty, doing that feel so darn good. I’m a big supporter of unprotected sun-to-skin for short periods. These days my sun soaked sessions are short and sweet, and never at the time of day when the sun is highest in the sky (which is ruled by the PITTA dosha).

Something you may not know about me, back in early 2009, when I was living and working in Macau, I was involved in an oil fire. This fire sent me to the emergency ward with second degree burns to my face, neck, chest, left upper arm and left hand. It really is a long, and personal story, however I spent a number of days drugged up in hospital, with a Chinese speaking plastic surgeon as my doctor (whom spoke not a word of English). Fortunately, it was decided in emergency that they would not perform skin grafts, and to take the ‘risk’ in allowing my body work it’s magic and heal on it’s own (with the help of some medicinal cream, drugs, plus a high protein and fats diet).

From this experience, I became incredibly conscious of what I should be putting onto my skin and therefore into body. Going forth, I wanted all products to be natural, pure, and from the earth. During my time in the hospital, I experienced excruitating burns and swelling of my insanely dry and cracked lips. Eating was horrendously painful. So, I decided to trust my gut, and to ignore the hospital staff’s warnings, and start applying lashings of the Organic Suvana Lip Balm. Significantly, my lips were the very first thing to heal and provide relief from the pain. From that moment on, I embarked on my journey to source out the ultimate skin, body, and hair care I could find.

Here I offer you my list of tried, tested, and true favourites. No one is offering me anything to promote or share these products. All I wish is that you will feed your skin, your outer layers, your top soil, the ultimate nourishment so that in turn you will be nourishing your insides as well. Doing so will bring you so much closer to living your life in alignment with optimal health.

I’d love to know what skin care you use and recommend – please leave a comment beneath this post to share your suggestions with me and the global community!


Shampoo + Conditioner: Mukti Organics

Leave in conditioner / repair treatment: Miessence Protect Hair Repair

Hair Colour: Desert Shadow


Moisturiser: Miessence Intensive Body Cream (smells divine!)

Body Oils (in place of moisturiser): Mukti Organics Body Oil / Organic Coconut Oil (summer time only) / Rocky Mountain Soap Company Body Butter / Cold-pressed black sesame oil (unroasted)

Exfoliator: Home made – I use raw sugar and any oil listed above! Or, Rasasara Ayurvedic Skin Care

Nail Polish: I don’t really wear any – but I used to use Scotch Naturals Non Toxic Nail Polish

Balt Salts: Rocky Mountain Soap Company Bath Salts

Deodorant: Black Chicken Paste


Cleanser: Jojoba Oil

Toner: Rosewater!

Facial Moisturiser: Jojoba Oil / Weleda Skin Food

Facial Exfoliator: Miessence Garnet Exfoliant / Rasasara

Facial Masks: Mukti Organics Kakadu Plum & Honey Mask / Mukti Organics Vitamin Earth Mineral Mask

Eye Cream: Jojoba OilMukti Organics Rosehip Eye Gel

Lip Balm: Suvana / Hurraw Lip Balm


Foundation/Base: Inika Mineral Foundation Powder (with SPF 15)

Mascara: Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara

Eyeshadow: Ere Perez / Inika

Cheeks: Inika Mineral Blush Powder

(Don’t forget to share with me your ultimate skin, body, and hair care products below – I’d love to know)

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