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Raghunath Cappo – The Secret Chamber of Bhakti Yoga

Raghunath Cappo is a masterful yoga teacher, Bhakti yoga devotee, ex-monk, punk rock icon, and a father of five. Raghu lives in upstate New York on his SuperSoul farm, where he hosts teacher trainings and seva immersions.  

In his early years, a teenager in search for depth and meaning, he fled his suburban life and went to New York City and found his people, his community. Raghunath – or Ray, as he was known at the time – started a band and a record label, then wild success followed. By the late 1980s Youth Of Today had thousands of fans cementing Raghunath as a leading voice and trendsetter at the centre of the hard-core punk rock culture. 

Naturally, an existential desire led him to call it quits. In his early 20s he walked away from this life and headed to India on a spiritual pilgrimage that ultimately led him to the holy village of Vrindavan. During this time he fell in love with the wisdom, insight, and traditions of Bhakti yoga. He remained there for six years living as a monk. Hence this is when Ray became Raghunath. Inevitably returning back to the US, he has since pursued a life of sharing the teachings of yoga and taking groups on incredible pilgrimages – or Yatras – within India every year. He also facilitates exceptional yoga teacher trainings annually. Raghunath co-hosts the Wisdom Of The Sages podcast, delving deep into the Bhakti Yoga teachings from the Srimad Bhagavatam.

In this episode we unravel:

– The pivotal moments along Raghunath's journey thus far which has influenced his work today, including his flipping the script on the punk rock culture of the time.

– His experience connecting with the Christian community and the common thread between all belief systems.

– True inclusivity, what it looks like, and how we can live it.

– The beauty of diversity.

– His interest in yoga through a desire for spiritual truth.

– The challenge in transmitting the teachings of yoga to the punk rock community, which sharpened his study and spiritual thirst.

– Upper case “Love”.

– The essence of the Bhakti Yoga tradition.

– The path of Bhukti and Mukti.

– How to understand the context of the Bhagavad Gita.

– The holy vortexes of India.

– The value of being held by a teacher when venturing throughout India and holy places.

– Raghunath's biggest takeaway and lesson from being a parent.

Connect with Raghunath at https://www.raghunath.yoga/ and on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raghunathyogi/

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