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Clancy Allen – Birth & the Womancraft Way

Clancy Allen is a birth mentor and birth keeper, wise woman, and mother to a spirited 4 year old boy. Clancy honours the continuum of the childbearing phases from preconception, to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, as potent opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

After transitioning away from a career as a Lawyer to study yoga and kinesiology, it was pregnancy that catalysed Clancy’s interest in birth. Her passion to support women during the childbearing continuum was born with her son. She went on to study as a Sacred Birth doula with Anna Watts, Birthing From Within, and the Radical Birth Keeper School.

Clancy holds space for women to recover their inner authority and voice, to remember their innate birthing wisdom and power, and to experience birth as a joyous initiation to mothering.

Clancy offers birth mentoring and birth keeping, postnatal mother support, mothering the mother ceremonies, and her online course, Yoga for Empowered Birth.She believes that peaceful, primal, biological, loving birth is the revolution our world needs, now.

In this episode, we chat about:

•Clancy’s journey from lawyer to birth keeper
•Her own personal birth challenges
•Birthing in “the system” and what we need to understand about this
•Free Birth, and how this is becoming far less radical in our world today
•The book Clancy recommends
•The role of a doula and Birth Keeper
•What you may need to keep close to your chest
•The responsibility we have as women to own our birth story
•The conditioning and programming we must face to ensure a more natural and ideal birth experience
•How natural, innate birth is being lost and forgotten
•Clancy’s daily non-negotiable and what she is currently studying
•All the ways in which you can tap into this work with her

Connect with Clancy via her website, or on Instagram.
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