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Living In Alignment is to live in harmony with the environment, the seasons, your body, your values, and what you know to be true at soul level. In our modern world we have lost our way, and to be Living In Alignment asks us to consider that as a microcosm we have a very direct relationship with the macrocosm. To be Living In Alignment is to be curious and inquisitive every time we step onto our yoga mat, with regards to the placement of our body to create stability, safety, and ease. It also teaches us to consider our breath and our gaze (dristhi), and how the integration of all of these things helps us step into a life that simply flows with space, clarity, and energy.

With this in mind I combined these words and statements, which when read and when spoken resonated deeply within, and were felt to be a call to Living In Alignment. Please click the image to download your own beautiful PDF copy to keep absolutely free! Perhaps you may like to print and frame the manifesto, gift it, or simply pop on your refrigerator for your daily reminders. Share it with your closest friends, your loved ones, pin it, post it, whatever resonates. All I hope is that it inspires you to live a great life being true to oneself and creating a life that inspires others to do the same.


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