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Lesh Karan I originally discovered Amy via Instagram, and we quickly become e-friends — so much so that we soon organised to meet in person at the Byron Spirit Festival, and shared accommodation together!

What I immediately felt and saw was that what you ‘see’ online is Amy’s true nature. She is down to earth, inspirational, helpful, and just so passionate about everything she does. She lives and breathes yoga (not just in the physical sense, but as a way of life), and the fact that she is also practicing Ayurveda is a testament to that too.

I wouldn’t have any hesitation recommending working with Amy, whether it’s through her yoga classes, workshops, or Ayurvedic lifestyle consultations. I just selfishly wish she lived in the same city as me, so I could benefit from her work too!

Lesh Karan – Australia

Amy, hand on heart I can say in my short tenure of being a yoga student, and an even shorter tenure of being a yoga teacher, that you have insights into the practice that others rarely find. You have mastered the skill of guiding people back to their own experience in their practice.

I can actually sense my consciousness shifting in your classes. You are definitely on the right path with your teaching. As people progress through their own practice and consciousness shifts within them, I predict you will become even more in demand for your teaching! A very heartfelt well done to you Amy. Seriously, you are brilliant! With admiration, Theaanna.

Theaanna Horvat – Australia


MelanieHunter What an experience! Amy is an inspiration! Her caring and positive attitude prior, during, and after the retreat made everything possible. The additional tips and hints on India and many emails providing information were invaluable.The retreat offered many opportunities of self exploration: yoga classes, pranayama, meditation, workshops and free time in the beautiful outdoors. I love Yoga and everything that it offers even more due to the retreat. Without Amy I would also not have experienced magical India this year. Actually, this was not merely a holiday – the retreat provided me with spiritual insight and inspiration for my daily life!
Melanie Hunter – Australia

Amy, the retreat was exceptional. I hope to keep in contact with everyone I met. I have learnt a lot about myself during my stay in India and at the retreat. I cannot thank you enough.

Dean Watts – Australia


AL_testimonial-images_anina I had the great pleasure of meeting Amy on a beautiful yoga retreat in Sri Lanka, December 2013. I attended her classes for two weeks, twice a day, every day, and loved every moment. Our mornings began with both pranayama and meditation, which was guided by Amy in the most insightful way. We then moved into a dynamic and energising physical yoga practice – the perfect way to start each day! Amy’s afternoon classes were  restorative and incredibly relaxing. Amy always had an open ear, taking the time after the classes to answer all of my questions about Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism, nutrition, and more.

Amy, you are an amazing and inspiring person. I truly hope our paths will cross again! When is your next retreat?

Anina Vontobel – Switzerland

Having regularly attended Amy’s yoga classes for a number of years, and I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every class. As a new student, I immediately felt very welcome, safe and at ease in Amy’s classes. Amy teaches from the heart and practices with a passion, what she teaches. Her classes are taught to a consistently high standard; well balanced, varied and fun with just the right amount of challenge to keep us present on our mats. Amy carefully caters to all ages and levels of ability as well as injuries, in every single one of her classes, ensuring a satisfying and safe practice for all. She is friendly, approachable and always has time to chat or answer any queries one may have.

Deborah Kelly – Australia


ShayeMoss The India Immersion with you, Amy, was a journey of self-discovery. The balanced week of yoga, meditation, healthy eating, and relaxation enabled me to reflect and work through past stories. I walked away with an open heart, feeling strong and ready for the next chapter.

Shaye Moss  – Australia

I have so many fond memories of the retreat with you Amy. It will stay in my heart for a very long time! As a regular yoga practitioner, I really enjoyed the vinyasa krama sessions as well as the meditation, pranayama, Ayurveda, and mantra work. I have attended yoga retreats before and very few have included these essential parts of the practice. Amy, your assists and alignment cues were some of the best I’ve had, and I’m continuing to see improvement in my practice following the retreat!

Jennifer Chwalek – US


AL_testimonial-images_jodie I have been an active yogi since 2006, but after a horrific accident in September 2012 I feared that I’d never practice again. Then destiny stepped in & introduced me to Amy Landry. 
Amy’s support, guidance & therapeutic approach to yoga enabled me to gradually re-engage with my practice. She was there to give a smile of support on the hard days when pain & ego were blocking my way. 
Amy was always able to provide options when asanas got the better of my humble body & share a laugh when laughter was the medicine available. She has demonstrated her honest commitment to assisting me in my recovery by offering endless encouragement & always making me feel welcome & accepted. 
Amy has a wealth of knowledge about yoga & a passion that is unwavering. She combines this with genuine kindness & non-judgment. Her commitment to her students & her practice is invaluable.Jodie Scanlon – Australia

Amy, I have always found that your yoga classes have a distinct equilibrium between flow, strength and restoration. This is great as I can always guarantee that when I turn up to your class not only will I work hard, but still enjoy myself and feel completely restored by the end!

Emily Corin – Australia



Amy, you’re a great teacher; as you guide us through each movement it encourages a deep understanding of what the body can and should be doing in the practice. With your gentle, flowing instruction, you manage to firmly imprint the practice – which can be both comfortable and challenging. Thank you Amy for your guidance!

Melinda Lee Harvey – Australia/India

I have followed you Amy via social media and have been inspired by your practices that go beyond just yoga for many years now. It was an honour, to say the least, to have the opportunity to be a part of a retreat that not only opened my mind to new life changing possibilities, but the warmth, wisdom, and positive energy that you radiate became infectious. In return, this has allowed me to really grow in my personal practice.

Roberta Simone – Western Australia


AL_testimonial-images_rikki I love Amy’s style of teaching! She gracefully combines the soft with the strong to gently challenge the students to reach for new possibilities. She also encourages us to listen to our own bodies and modify the practice to suit our individual needs. I find her classes both inspiring and relaxing and she always manages to integrate something new and fun to play with! I definitely recommend you take a class with Amy if you ever get the chance – she is certainly one of my favorite teachers!

Rikki Iwanowsky – Australia/Canada


Amy’s style of teaching allows for growth and development in my yoga practice, whilst having a lot of fun. This has certainly helped me be more present in some of those not so nice poses – like Utkatasana. It’s so much easier to manage when there’s a smile on your face!

Marjorie Hetherton – Australia



I was encouraged to joint the yoga retreat by a friend who does classes with Amy of whom had expressed what a great teacher she was. I really enjoyed positions I never thought were possible in yoga considering I had knee injuries and these certainly assisted me. The relaxing nature of the retreat truly helped me unwind and enjoy the surroundings and quietness of a holiday. This holiday was truly a memorable experience as it was disciplined in a way to enhance my overall health and wellbeing, I would certainly like to attend another retreat.

Julie Colvin – Australia

I knew a retreat and reset experience is what my body and mind needed, but my expectations were pleasantly exceeded. Amy, you created a soul nourishing experience that will hold a special place in my heart – many wonderful memories and new learnings to take home and keep growing in!

Lyrene Swan – Australia


AL_testimonial-imagesCindra Amy, your classes are deeply grounding. I feel you pour your beautiful soul into every minute, sprouting gentle words of encouragement, spiritual ideas, and focused cues. I am on a journey to becoming a yoga teacher myself and you have been extremely supportive and forthcoming with advice and assistance. I highly recommend Amy’s classes for absolutely anyone – beginner to advanced…You will be in for an enlightening yoga experience!

Cindra Banks – Australia

Amy’s passion shines through her. I am always so grounded and uplifted by her beautiful yoga classes, and continuously inspired to learn more about both Yoga and Ayurveda.

Reche Stevenson – Australia



Amy, thank you for creating such an amazing experience for us all at the Bali retreat. I am truly grateful for each moment that we all shared on our mats. You offered a brilliant blend of pranayama, asana, and meditation during the sessions, and I really enjoyed our daily vinyasa krama sequence. I also really loved the workshops where you shared your wealth of knowledge with us all.

Our flower Yantra meditation was such a moving experience, it was a truly wonderful way to connect as a group on a deeper level. Thank you for making my retreat experience such a memorable one! With love and gratitude.

Katie Thatcher – Australia

Everybody should press reset with you, Amy! The entire retreat was very well organised with your eye for detail leaving nothing to organise. The yoga was thoughtfully prepared and delivered in manner that one could not help but be at total ease. Thank you Amy for such a fantastic experience – I can’t wait to hear about more upcoming retreats!

Nicole Woods – Australia


AL_testimonial-images_danni I was very fortunate to cross paths with Amy in the Newcastle yoga community in 2012. Although not knowing Amy personally at the time, I had an immediate connection with her, as she is a deeply spiritual teacher and this is the reason why I keep coming back for more. It’s the self discovery that keeps me wanting to know more about myself on a much deeper level. Amy’s teaching goes beyond the physical practice, and allows me to really connect with my truth. I find her to be so passionate, grounded, & authentic – her understanding of the yoga philosophy connects the asanas with the teachings, and this ability truly makes Amy an amazing & complete yoga teacher!

Danni Mitreski – Australia

For some years now I have wanted to embark on a journey of self discovery, or enlightenment as some folk call it. My life was full of work and obligatory events that gave me little joy. I started my journey with reading a few books that lead me to the conclusion that I needed to do yoga and meditation in order to truly free my mind of living in the future and bring it back to living in the now. I signed up at Verve for life, and there I met Amy, who has contributed to my journey in ways she may not even know herself. Amy taught me to come to the mat, just as I am, without judgement and without fear. Amy taught me that Yoga is not about being the best, the fittest, the skinniest, or the youngest. Yoga is about being mindful, present, in love with oneself, and honouring the body, while surrendering the intelligence of the head to the intelligence of the heart!

Susan Hart – Australia



Amy’s retreat was a perfect balance of practice and spiritual development. An amazing experience in a tranquil and aesthetic setting where each session was delivered with true generosity.

Annie Laurence – Australia

Amy your Bali retreat was a beautiful experience. I left feeling lighter, happier and with a much deeper appreciation for my yoga practice. You are a wonderful teacher and a truly beautiful person

Kirsty Smith – Australia



Amy, as soon as I saw your Instagram account I knew that If I ever wanted to join a yoga retreat in my (beginning) journey with yoga it had to be with you! You have that rare kind of something that draws people toward you. And I could have not been more right! As soon as I entered the yoga space I could just feel your presence and know the session had started. Thank you Amy for giving me the tools, knowledge and patience to continue with yoga. I feel that after I came home I just entered a new phase of life!

Constanze Ariens – The Netherlands

Amy, the Bali retreat was just what I needed to remind myself of how precious my body is to me. To move often, eat well, and take rest are the key elements to a happy life. As I transition through life I notice many changes in my body and thanks to your retreat I have again reminded myself just how important it is to care for myself. I loved everything about the experience – thank you Amy.

Susan Hart – Australia



Amy, going on retreat to India with you was so easy, you didn’t leave anything out of the process. Whilst on retreat I really got to see just how amazing your teaching really is, and how all aspects of yoga really come about. Amy, you are absolutely the ‘real deal’!

Kate Kelleher  – Australia


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