“Every living being has a body, a mind, and a consciousness. To harmonize the body, the mind, and the soul is the art of yoga..” -- Radhanath Swami

Refining Your Rituals of Reflection (& shedding shame)

Despite it’s timeless relevancy, as I sit to write this it is the start of a new year, the dark moon (the few days prior to a new moon), and, to cap it off , it is also Mercury Retrograde. Which makes it a truly pertinent time to reflect as a means to forge forward in... read more

The 12 Books That Changed My Life

Can you relate to feeling like the right book lands in your lap at the right time? Let me be clear. This list is of those books that have literally changed the course of my life. They’re not necessarily my all time favourite books (that’s for another post,... read more

Your Wild Life: An Interview with Katie Dean

Life is wild and messy at times, and it’s people like Katie Dean who can seriously brighten up your day. I’m so honoured and grateful to have been able to enjoy a chit chat with this inspirational human. In this interview, we dive into: Katie’s... read more

My Mission Towards Minimalism – Part 2

Please read PART 1 of this two part series right HERE. Previously we covered clearing out the cyber clutter – including Facebook, Instagram, your email account, and more. Hopefully your online presence feels a little more… spacious. Perhaps you realigned... read more

My Mission Towards Minimalism – Part 1

PART 1 I’ve had something on my mind a lot the past few months. That is minimalism and moving toward it; toward a more minimalistic life. I’ve had so many signs, nudges, coming into my life about minimalism, decluttering, and all that kind of stuff. Obvious signs have... read more

Committing Crimes Against Wisdom

Everything within us and around us is always in flux. The Ayurvedic understanding is that we must consciously, or sub-consciously, be continuously seeking a state of balance – the paradox is that true “balance” does not even exist, as the elements... read more

Want to become a Yoga Teacher? Read this first.

(This is part 1 of 2 posts. See Part 2 here: A Guide To Yoga Teacher Training) There are no rose coloured lenses over this post. A post that has been a long time coming; that could perhaps be riddled with contradiction and controversy, inspiration and interrogation.... read more

A Guide To Yoga Teacher Training

(This is Part 2 of a two post series. Read part 1 here: Want To Become A Yoga Teacher? Read This First.) What are you seeking?  One of the most common enquiries I get in my inbox (if not the number 1), is to seek my advice on becoming a Yoga Teacher and what teacher... read more

Do Away With Overwhelm

Perhaps, for generations, it has always been the norm to feel busy. Yet, it feels like these days busy-ness has become a new way of living, a new habit, or even a new expectation or trend (aka. “the glorification of busy”). And like a drug or alcohol... read more

My Biggest Fear Of This Yoga Teaching Career

REFLECTIONS It’s wild to reflect back along this path, and to see where I’ve come from with regards to my health, my lifestyle, and my day to day living. My passions have evolved. My behaviors have matured. Yet despite the deep yearning I have to share... read more

Recipe: Ayurvedic Aloo Gobhi

Aloo = Potato / Gobhi = Cauliflower The two main ingredients of this delicious recipe are excellent choices for reducing both the Kapha and Pitta doshas. This makes the meal a great option for Winter and Spring time. However, the use of the spices ensures that this... read more

Recipe: Savoury Vegetable Poha

Poha is made from flattened dried rice, or rice flakes, and is often served in India as a breakfast meal from street vendors. During my travels up in Pushkar, Rajasthan, I start every day with a serving of fresh and healthy poha from a lovely, hard working young man.... read more