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 I believe that you are worthy and capable of experiencing a life overflowing with meaning, depth, and ease.
Allow me to help guide you along that path.

My dream is to be a pure vessel to retain, share, and teach the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda.

My mission is to show you a deeper, more enriching way of living through balancing your body’s intelligence, spirited self enquiry, and aligning yourself with the principles of nature…

…Because living in alignment is a beautiful thing.

It means:

+ Waking up each morning feeling rested and enlivened so you are able to do your best work.

+ Moving your body through life with energy, enthusiasm, and ease.

+ Allowing yourself space and time away from obligations, without feeling overwhelmed.

+ Laying your head on your pillow every night feeling nourished, grounded, and at peace with the world.

+ Cultivating clarity and abundance from within to give your time, passion, and service more freely to others.

I believe that this way of life is possible for everyone.

I created this online space as a heart-driven resource so that I can support you in finding your way home to a path that nurtures and sustains you; to show you how daily rhythm, routine, and trusting in yourself can transform your life.

Whether you found me via one of my public yoga classes, or, speaking at an event, a blog post, one-on-one session, or even word of mouth, let it be known that my life’s work is to help you uncover a more meaningful life.

How did I get here?


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I am infinitely grateful that I now live most days in great health and harmony – however it has not always been the case most certainly.

From the moment I was birthed into this world my life was a fight.

I was born without breath. Losing my life force, vital prana.

While I am passionate proponent for alternative modalities and holistic health, I will be forever indebted to modern medicine for saving my life, straight out of the womb.

Had they not intervened I would not be sharing my story with you now.

I believe that my birth was the first of many nudges from the universe inching me onto my path very early on. The irony that my life’s calling of sharing the message of Yoga – so largely focused on breath – is not lost on me. Looking back now it all makes sense.

I believe that all of our lives hold clues. Maybe as I share my story you will be prompted to connect those dots in your own life where perhaps your setbacks were in actual fact signposts.

The path of Yoga has always been calling me home.

My fight didn’t finish with my entry into the world. From the day I was born it seemed I was assigned a life of heavy, daily medication as a result of my extremely vulnerable immune and respiratory system. Up until 28 years of age I used conventional medicine to help me battle respiratory disorder, traumatic asthma, severe childhood eczema and skin irritations, hayfever, chemical sensitivity, anxiety, stress, and low immunity (hello biannual flu).

It seems the trauma of my birth settled into the fibres of my body and the fabric of my soul. The feeling of being unable to breathe has always been deeply distressing and since childhood I felt innately fearful – terrified – unsurprisingly, of anything related to my breath… and losing it.

There it was again, that cosmic cord pulling me to the essence of Yoga – a lifelong path and a career where I would study the mastery of my breath. A path where I would eventually learn to work with it, and trust it.

In truth, this is still a practice in progress.

During my school years (all whilst also hosting a serious compulsion for sugar on the side) I struggled to find my place – my tribe – which only added layers to the innate stress and struggle embedded inside me. I found solace in my teachers – and it seems I always have, even now.

I reflect on this – my affinity to teachers, and my loyalty as a steadfast student. In this, the humble path of living Yoga has subtly been beckoning me always.

In 2006 I was awakened to a more direct path. I was touring abroad as a professional dancer and a friend introduced me to the art of vinyasa yoga. It instantly became a daily practice. The multi faceted system, including and beyond the body, weaving together seamlessly – my breath showed rapid signs of improvement (as did my lengthy list of injuries).

At this same time, I met my husband, shifted to a vegetarian lifestyle, and for the first time I felt a true sense of purpose and mental space.

The final nudge.

I experienced my fair share of injury during my time professionally dancing (counting on more than two hands), however the most devastating was yet to come. In 2008, while living and working in Macau, I was involved in an oil fire which left me with severe burns to my face, neck, chest, left arm, and left hand.

It remains the most painful experience of my life – both emotionally and physically.

At the depths of my despair, alone in a hospital where no one spoke English and where drugs failed to relieve the shock, heartache, and pain I reached breaking point.

Looking back to the moment – as searing oil continued to seep into my skin – I realise now that this was the final call I needed to come home to my natural state of being. Healing from this injury would lead me to the end of my career. The start of my life’s work.

Healing took time. I began educating myself passionately about the most natural, organic products to heal both inside and out. As I struggled to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, in trust I continued my practice and walked further down the path of living Yoga. It was never only about the physical postures, but delving into the art of the breath, devotion, a sense of service, and conscious living.

As my dedication to natural living deepened it was unsurprising that I would soon question the medication that had been my life-long crutch. Through my lengthy studies in Ayurveda and my further exploration of pranayama I slowly reduced my medication day by day.

For the past four years I have been completely medication free.

The rest, as they say, is history.


We are all unique and have different paths to walk, but I passionately believe that we’re all winding back to the same destination. We are being called to a life that nourishes us; physically, mentally, spiritually . A life where we live in alignment with the natural, harmonious rhythms and cycles of the world around us.

My path has taken me to the brink and back, both around the world and deep into myself. There is still much more work to be done.

Yours may be set against a scene of yearning for a deeper way of living, or the feeling that something is missing, or perhaps the desperate desire to just feel better again.

Whatever led you, I am so glad you’re here, and that we are walking this path together.

Ever grateful.


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A Few Random Insights About me

When I’m not teaching, mentoring, speaking, or writing, it’s highly likely you’ll find me:

+ Cooking up a (vegetarian) storm in the kitchen. My preference? Always Indian.

+ Sinking my toes in the sand at the beach. Most likely at sunrise.

+ Planning my next overseas adventure (often to the Motherland of India).

+ Sweating up a storm. I’m a student of classical Odissi dance, which originates from temple dance in the state of Orissa, India. This work is true sadhana. Powerful in so many ways. My lineage (Gharana) is of the late Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra.

+ Chowing down on avocados (my fave) – with a little pink salt and black pepper, to aid digestion of course!


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